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How to use eye-tracking to drive in-store sales

We’re very interested in how new e-tail visual merchandising techniques can be adapted for retailers to use in-store. This insight forms one of six actionable learnings in our downloadable report.

The learnings from eye-tracking software are being used extensively to enhance websites. This information about visual cues could also enhance retailers in-store merchandising to drive sales.

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How to improve Customer Experience through sensory engagement

Customer Experience Series: Part 3

In our third blog in the build up to Retail Design Expo 2016, we look at how customer experiences can be improved through multisensory engagement.

How do you absorb information?

Have you tried the VAK test to find out how you absorb info? If not, give it a go, it takes less than five minutes but the insight gained could be invaluable.

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Retail Trends

Green Room at Stylus Innovation Forum

The Green Room team attended the September ’15 Stylus Innovation Forum. We were after the latest thinking on how brands and retailers engage consumers in ways that are relevant, digitally appropriate and consultative.

We’ve picked out three key findings from the session entitled ‘Beta Brandscapes’. This wonderfully alliterative term describes how consumers want to engage with the unfinished, exemplify the imperfect and involvement in product development.

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Hyper-Connectivity is Fueling Retail Innovation

Millennials love being connected; it keeps being proven over and over again. A recent article in Forbes proclaimed that 87% of millennials use between two and three tech devices at least once every day. But these statistics no longer have the power to shock.

Just looking at the stats for Millennials in America alone, they represent about a fourth of the population and have $200 billion in annual buying power.

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Principles of visual merchandising for retail design

Visual merchandising is an intrinsic component of store design that can maximise sales. Green Room has worked on many projects from store design to eye-catching window and product displays, including creating a unique campaign for Camper. We often get asked what the rules and fundamentals of visual merchandising (VM) are, as our clients look to maximise the quality and wow factor of the store environments that we create.

So, here are our principles of visual merchandising for retail stores.

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Experiential Retail

Why Retail Should be About Customer Experience

We might be living in a time when shopping is made easy, but it’s not all about one-click purchases and buying direct through mobile apps.

Part of the draw of the retail is tangible customer experiences and interactions with sales staff.

Heading into a beautifully laid out store, with eye-catching point of sales (POS) displays and smiling staff is the whole point of retail. Picking up items, testing them out or trying them on; as consumers, nothing can beat that ‘hands-on’ shopping experience.

And that’s why experiential retail design is so attractive and is increasingly being referred to as ‘retailtainment’.

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