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activating japanese heritage with a purpose


The ASICS JYUNI™ Collection is a ground breaking, premium sports-fashion apparel range inspired by the Japanese heritage of ASICS.


The Brief

The ASICS Training category have big ambitions to drive new energy around their apparel range and shift perception of the brand into a new space. The aim being to step boldly into the world of sports fashion, appealing more to the urban ‘Fitness Explorer’.

As lead creative agency, Green Room were first tasked with creating the overarching global campaign strategy for the training category – encompassing multiple training collections, the pinnacle of which is the JYUNI Collection. We then continued through to define full creative, production and retail design. Our challenge – to drive awareness and raise perception of the collection, ultimately increasing consideration to purchase.

A bold creative statement was needed to capture the imagination of the target audience – fashion hungry, trendsetters that are part of a niche, forward-thinking urban group. Maximum exposure, maximum appeal, minimalist design.

The Insight

Introducing ASICS JYUNI™. A premium, limited capsule Black and White collection heavily inspired by the Japanese heritage of ASICS. The name JYUNI™ represents the unique spelling of the number ‘twelve’ in Japanese, representing the structure of time and the restraints that come with it.

To attract the target market, the JYUNI™ campaign creative needed to break conventional ASICS creative rules and be more fashion focused; endorsing a modern active urban lifestyle, and embracing ASICS’ Japanese heritage through detail, craftsmanship and elevated functionality.

The Solution

The campaign focuses on celebrating the unique progressive design of the apparel which uses cutting edge fabrics, style, and innovation from Japan – the inspiration for a minimalist, zen-like, timeless visual aesthetic.

Reflecting traditional Japanese craftsmanship techniques, we captured a series of images that projected the striking stillness and confidence of the range. This approach helped to shape the campaign assets through a series of in-sport and out-of-sport studio photoshoots and movies that captures the philosophy of the ASICS brand (‘Sound Mind, Sound Body’). The creative output was quickly picked up by leading, influential cultural and fashion websites such as Highsnobiety and Hypebeast which increased reach and credibility to the target audience.

At retail, traditional Japanese techniques, details, proportions and premium materials were used to create simple but striking global POS solutions that brings ASICS Performance boldly in to the world of sports-fashion.

2D assets, artwork, development drawings and VMD plans for ASICS Retail and Wholesale were delivered for markets to use, along with online banners for bringing the story seamlessly to life for digital shoppers and browsers.

The Facts (week 1 post launch)

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The Results


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