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Goldsmiths - boutique store design

adding luxe lifestyle to fashion jewellery retail


We worked with renowned jewellery retailer, Goldsmiths to update their boutique retail proposition, with a new store design format, modular layout, and fresh interior. 

The Brief

boutique.Goldsmiths are the cooler, younger sibling of the established jewellery retailer, Goldsmiths, part of the Aurum group. Their re-branded proposition required a new, accessible and individual approach to retail. Trend-driven consumers were at the heart of the repositioning. This target customer group is looking for an aspirational and glamorous retail experience; inviting, modernised and bridging the gap between fashion and luxury.

The Insight

To develop a love for watch and jewellery purchasing and therefore build loyalty to the Goldsmiths family of brands amongst this younger target audience, the retail experience had to be high-end even though the fashion jewellery did not carry a premium price tag.

The demographics of fashion jewellery purchasers are changing. The rise of the metrosexual male and their interest in investing in their appearance means that both men and women seek out fashion jewellery in equal measure. Therefore, the interior had to be gender neutral, appealing to all.

The Solution

The new boutique.Goldsmiths design has been rolled out in six prime retail locations across the UK. The design embodies the more monochrome, architectural colour palette of the re-brand, the rationale behind which was to be more inclusive, modern and gender neutral. Click here to experience the inside of the store in our 360° render.

The customer experience ritual delivers the drama and glamour of a luxury jewellery purchase, but with a relaxed ease. Retail staff drive the theatre; they unlock the display case, carry the selected merchandise to the trial area and assist with the decision making, but their role is that of a personal shopper rather than a sales assistant.

Within the boutique, brands such as Swarovski, Michael Kors and Hugo Boss vie for premium space. In response, a flexible, modular layout has been designed. Each brand has an area in which to feel distinct while being enveloped into the overall experience of the boutique. The dynamic display cases also enable brands to be relocated in-store with ease, supporting flexible content curation based on new releases or latest trends.

Digital screens at the entrance and accompanying the dynamic display cases allow each brand to show the additional catalogue information which would accompany an equivalent e-tail shopping experience.