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British Gas - Interactive Promotional Stands

educating consumers in engaging ways

British Gas

Continuing our long-standing relationship with leading energy supplier, British Gas, our latest project is the design and delivery of a collection of digitally interactive stands for shopping centers across the UK.

The Brief

The face-to-face British Gas sales teams needed support with their mission to educate and explain complex propositions to consumers in easy to comprehend ways.

 Firstly, new digital developments such as the ‘Internet of Things’ are changing the way that it is possible to manage energy usage, and this requires a considerable consumer re-education. Secondly, the ability to link activity to energy usage is not always easy to grasp, but it’s necessary in order to understand the need for energy saving products.

The Insight

In shopping centres, the fight for customer attention is fierce. The uphill struggle doesn’t stop there, as energy is not often a priority for shoppers. How can we engage customers facing these challenges? Through providing relevant, playful interactivity, asking consumers to question their assumptions about energy usage.

The Solution

To educate consumers about the British Gas ‘Hive’ product, the larger kiosks feature a screen designed to look like a giant iPhone. This accurate portrayal of how the Hive app works is intuitive and a great user experience. The actual Hive kit that is installed in homes sits alongside the screen. The demonstration kits are displayed in different colours and are laid out to look like a piece of approachable technology.

The 14 stands we developed smaller shopping centres featured replica British Gas Smart Meter apps. They demonstrate customers’ energy usage through interactivity. Consumers are encouraged to activate hairdryers, radiators etc., and watch in real time the energy usage of the appliance – a tidy way to engage and educate consumers on energy usage.

The Results

  • 0 award win

    Gold, POPAI Awards 2014

  • 0 increase

    10% increase in customer sales conversions