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Nike - House of Innovation, London

celebrating sport with a futuristic experience


We collaborated with global sports retailer Nike to deliver an experiential, engaging activation to mark the Olympics coming to London in 2012.

The Brief

To mark the summer of sport, that was London 2012, we partnered with Nike to create a massive 300sqm experiential retail concession inside Selfridge’s flagship emporium in London. The brief targeted the style-savvy, digitally-connected athlete. It needed to engage shoppers with state-of-the-art physical and digital experiences — all while championing Nike’s product range.


The Insight

Today’s leading retail experiences are immersive, active hubs where culture, immersion and recreation are on offer as much as the premium product.

The unique retail space that delivers deep, 360-degree immersion is proof that face-to-face engagement with consumers and tangible, experiential offerings continue to be crucial to building brand loyalty.

The Solution

The result was the Nike House of Innovation, a futuristic interactive space with multiple zones inviting shoppers to compete in sports-based challenges. Live results were displayed on an interactive wall and shared across social media. And, of course, shoppers could try out and experience the latest digitally enabled Nike products, alongside limited-edition lifestyle collections.

By combining traditional, physical retail with interactive, digital experiences, the House of Innovation positioned the Nike brand at the forefront of the industry.