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Camper - Hands Campaign

a unique campaign for iconic products


Our involvement with Camper is longstanding and we were delighted when Camper approached us to develop a concept for their Spring/Summer ‘15 campaign.

The Brief

Camper shoes are iconic. The Camper brand stands for freedom of expression and lifestyle. Their in-store visual merchandising must reflect these core values. The presentation of their boots and shoes with a fresh perspective was our challenge for this project.

The Insight

What better way to showcase the wonderfully unique Camper shoes than presenting them ‘handheld’.  Empowering the products to literally reach out to the consumer.

The Approach

The Green Room studio became hand experts. We worked with wrist angles, finger positions and the interaction between two hands. It’s amazing how different moods can be created by adjusting the posture by degrees, from angular discomfort to bold expression to calm reflection. Most importantly, we identified how different combinations presented Camper’s product to maximum effect, with maximum flexibility and of course, maximum personality.

The Solution

Our ‘hand model’ posed for numerous different positions and became the ‘face’ of the campaign. The resulting life-like, resin-cast hands were created and delivered in their hundreds to Camper stores across the globe.