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VANS - Spring 2015 Campaign

multi-channel campaign storytelling


We have partnered with VANS on many projects and when they asked us to roll out their multichannel, global Spring campaigns we jumped at the chance to deliver eye-catching, effective cross-channel campaigns.

The Brief

Three consecutive campaign activations? More than 100 stores across Europe? Eight weeks from brief to window dressing? No problem. Our longstanding partnership with VANS means we have a dedicated team in place: passionate for the brand, in sync with the consumer, and ready to spring into action at any time.

The Insight

In reaction to an era of austerity, Generation Y is beginning to reshape society in radical new ways, and this affects what they want from brands… their biggest ask; authenticity. VANS wanted to drive home the message that the authenticity of its roots make it particularly relevant and aspirational today.

The Solution

As always, our process kicked off with a series of workshops to identify key trends and insights and map out the three seasonal campaigns. From there, we developed three themes, executed three photo shoots (each with its unique requirements) and created three full sets of in-store and digital assets.

As store staff would be installing the window activations, we built and tested prototypes to provide clear instructions for quick fitting. All campaign materials were then produced, collated and delivered to over 100 stores within three weeks. In the end, we rolled out our happy trio for a happy client, on time and budget.