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About Green Room

championing human-centred design

80 people

across 3 studios blazing a trail in human-centred design

Uncommon sense

Let’s be honest, customers don’t care about the big idea. Or out-the-box-thinking. They never have. They care about getting what they’re missing and never missing out. It’s why our 80 strong, multiskilled team isn’t out to save the world, we’re here to make sense of it.

Never losing sight of the fact that people make decisions, not brands, nor businesses, but freethinking, gloriously unpredictable human beings, our human-centred approach starts with you and your customers. It ends with seamless, multi-channel retail solutions that connect through the senses, fulfilling the emotional needs of the customer and the commercial needs of brands. It’s what’s made us the award-winning retail brand design consultancy we are today.


Our IDEA tools

Light bulb moments are great, but we believe design works best when it’s founded in emotional interaction. It’s why we always build our campaigns from the street up – delving beyond brainstorms and industry trend analysis, we get under the skin of your customers. Our IDEA process, collaborates with psychologists, audio-visuals artists and producers to create emotional journeys that generate real moments of connection. And they’ll love you for it.

It’s an approach that works. Not convinced? Just ask our partners at ASICS, Mercedes-Benz, Bose, SEAT and The North Face. Or why not pop in for a chat with any one of our talented teams in Birmingham, London or Amsterdam.