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Focus on the moments that matter – make them count, make them human

Today, the complexities of retail are almost without end.

The path to purchase has long changed, it’s no longer linear, or predictable. And with a myriad of touchpoints at their disposal, brands and marketers continue to find themselves in unchartered territory. The ability to seamlessly stitch together our omnichannel retail world is more complex than ever, further compounded by an increasingly unforgiving and impatient customer as the audience.

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AI: The Rise of Emotional Intelligence

Humans are emotional beings. And our senses are the triggers that produce our emotional responses. Everyone remembers a time when a scent has taken them back to a nostalgic memory and the feelings of happiness, sadness, or joy that then followed. Emotion is the fuel by which we operate; it’s the perpetual driver of our behaviours and decision-making processes, so at retail, it would make sense that emotion is also the currency by which we purchase- whether we realise it or not.

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Art X Retail

There’s a real opportunity for retailers to transition into the world of art, in particular the exhibition. Why? Because people visit an exhibition, gallery or museum to evoke the senses; to feel, to think, to experience something new. Whether to relate to an artist, or unravel new meaning from their work, these venues represent destinations of cultural and emotional celebration. If brands can harness the essence of the exhibition to inspire similar emotional connectivity in their customers, then they are curating the perfect human experience.

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The Power of Sensory Persuasion

Following another massive London Design Festival, we’ve finally had a chance to catch our breath and reflect on what we saw. Amongst the sea of weird and wonderful projects celebrating design that were hosted across London, the experiences that really stood out for us were those that artfully harnessed the power of surprise! Blisters healed and brains recovered, we explore a few of our favourite highlights from the festival – employing ‘the way they made us feel’ as an alternative way to measure the success of them.

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How to improve Customer Experience through sensory engagement

Customer Experience Series: Part 3

In our third blog in the build up to Retail Design Expo 2016, we look at how customer experiences can be improved through multisensory engagement.

How do you absorb information?

Have you tried the VAK test to find out how you absorb info? If not, give it a go, it takes less than five minutes but the insight gained could be invaluable.

Retail Trends

Green Room at Stylus Innovation Forum

The Green Room team attended the September ’15 Stylus Innovation Forum. We were after the latest thinking on how brands and retailers engage consumers in ways that are relevant, digitally appropriate and consultative.

We’ve picked out three key findings from the session entitled ‘Beta Brandscapes’. This wonderfully alliterative term describes how consumers want to engage with the unfinished, exemplify the imperfect and involvement in product development.

Experiential Retail

Why Retail Should be About Customer Experience

We might be living in a time when shopping is made easy, but it’s not all about one-click purchases and buying direct through mobile apps.

Part of the draw of the retail is tangible customer experiences and interactions with sales staff.

Heading into a beautifully laid out store, with eye-catching point of sales (POS) displays and smiling staff is the whole point of retail. Picking up items, testing them out or trying them on; as consumers, nothing can beat that ‘hands-on’ shopping experience.

And that’s why experiential retail design is so attractive and is increasingly being referred to as ‘retailtainment’.