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Lisa Malin, Marketing Manager

FITC represents the intersection of creative technologists, designers, developers and awesome all-around thinkers from the world’s most innovative industries. These leading minds meet every year in Amsterdam to connect, challenge, inspire and to experience the next era of the digital world.

We sent a crack team from our Amsterdam Studio to absorb as much of the atmosphere, knowledge and inspirational thinking as possible.

What we took away from FITC

FITC 2016 - key note speech

From the opening keynote delivered by graphic design legend Stefan Sagmeister, to the hilarious closing speech of ‘Field Notes’ creator Aaron Draplin, the event had a clear thread:

Keep creatively fresh and inspired through your personal work. It offers vast potential throughout your career, in a whole myriad of ways.

Independent designers and artists such as; the quirky Mr. Bingo, who has turned his ‘Hate Mail’ campaign into a money spinner, the incredible lighting and projection creator GMUNK and 80’s inspired illustrator James White, all told stories of how they had balanced commissioned work with personal projects. The essence of each story was that by focusing on personal projects they were passionate about, it led to great paid work. In some cases, their passions are what now define their reputation.

FITC 2016 key note speaker

Importance of self-development

There are many examples illustrating this take-away in action; how self-development can lead to corporate gain. Google are famous for (amongst many other things) their 20% time where one day a week is spent on personal projects related to company innovation and growth. 20% time is cited as the birthplace of Gmail. The rise in interest around ‘intrapreneur’ programs is another way in which organisations are trying to foster internal innovation projects and fuel creativity.

Stay fresh, have belief in your ideas, and make them happen. Sounds like sound advice for life. The Amsterdam team left FITC with their creative thirst, quenched (in more ways than one!).