Is digital complexity stifling meaningful retail experiences?

In a world of ever-increasing reliance on technology as a means to deliver consumer engagement are we losing sight of the importance of appealing to basic human emotion?

We’ve all been there – that moment of great expectation – I’m sure ‘they’ promised fireworks, how have we ended up with this damp squib – so it is becoming the case up and down our High Streets. Digital disillusionment is leaving both brands and their customers feeling unmoved, uninspired and at worse cheated out of what was supposed to be the ultimate in interactive consumer experience.

Let’s get emotional

Retail propositions seem to have become incredibly complex, in an age where across many sectors, consumers are completely genned up on spec, performance, competitors and the merits of taking out that extended warranty long before walking through your door. The fact that they’ve made it this far alone should create an obligation to ensure that the experience is engaging, inspiring and above all simple for your customer to navigate.

Digital moments within the customer journey are important, there’s no doubt that brands and retailers benefit hugely from executing digitally connected, joined-up, multi-channel marketing campaigns, however let’s not be naïve enough to think that digital is the panacea to all our in store engagement problems. Great human interactions trump average digital ones… every time!

In our next upcoming report we will set out to address the 3 most important challenges that we think face retailers today, as they attempt to optimise consumer experience:

1: Simplifying over-complicated retail propositions – (humans first, tech second)

2: Overcoming Digital Disillusionment – (enhance rather than complicate)

3: Considering the mental aftertaste – (the route to purchase – redefining the finish line)

At Green Room we strongly believe that human experience and fulfilment must remain central to any successful retail activation strategy, tactile multi-sensory experiences that positively stimulate the senses as opposed to assaulting them.

Has your retail rocket fizzled out? If you’ve recently experienced that moment of digital chagrin, we feel your pain.

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