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Sam Langley-Swain, Strategy Director

The Queen’s 90th birthday has brought a sense of national pride to our studio.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty! The Green Room team are celebrating with scones! #90 #queensbirthday #scones #unionjack #greenroom

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We’re very aware of nationalism’s influence over emotions as we’ve recently been looking at how national pride affects brands and how it influences retail design.

National culture is a fluid and ever-evolving concept, intertwined with history and national character. Interpretations can, therefore, vary considerably.

In our research, we uncovered Britishness in many guises, from a focus on heritage and craftsmanship to brands proudly ignoring British civility and reflecting the cheekier, more irreverent side of what it means to be a Brit.

Looking across a wider geography, we also explored how French chic infiltrates Lacoste, how the Japanese aesthetic of ‘su’ contributes to the look and feel of Muji and how German industrial design inspires Braun. To find out more, take a look at our findings in our SlideShare report.

If you would like to download the report, please visit our Green Room SlideShare channel.

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