Normally the best bits of bread and butter are the delicious crispy bits from around the edge that your mum always gives you. But the best bits of the used to be trade show, sponsored by Zalando are very very different…

The trade show, turned hipster hotspot offered many things from crystal maze style money tornadoes to paint balling t-shirts, with brands spanning Mercedes Benz to Obey, the show was varied and unpredictable. Over the coming weeks we’ll be creating a series that looks at what worked throughout the show and what brands can expect to gain from their appearances at Bread and Butter. But for starters, here’s a quick round up of the best bits.

It’s no secret that people are no longer looking to simply buy products, experiences and the Instagram posts that go with them are far more valuable commodities. Brands that were creating these moments were gaining brand equity and people’s minds and hashtags on their Instagram feeds.
However, brands who would normally be top of the list for street wear fans looking to cop an exclusive drop, were no match for brands that created lasting memories or provided irresistibly instagrammable moments.



What it was

Ahead of the show FILA released a bread and butter exclusive shoe that was available early to those attending the show, they were available to buy but they were also available to win… if you could grab the cash.

Why it worked

This stand created a real buzz, people wanted to experience the thrill of the money tube and maybe even win a pair of trainers.




What it was
Now I’m not sure about you but Columbia weren’t a brand on my shopping radar until this event, but they definitely made an impression at bread and butter with a stand where you could paintball your own tee.

Why it worked
Combining collaboration with a one-off experience is a sure fire way to gain traction.



What is was
Reebok created an opportunity to not only pimp your Aztrecks but pimp your own donuts too.

Why it worked
Customisation is alive and well, nothing beats having a product that is unique to you. As for the donuts, who wouldn’t love to customise their own sweet treat and snap it all over Instagram… I know I would…


At Bread and Butter we found that: brands creating human experiences made a lasting impression, sustainability is at the forefront of consumers’ minds, tees and terrariums never go a miss and customisation is still king. Look out for updates for more a more in depth look at how brands came to life at Bread and Butter.

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