Cabinet of Curiosities: ASKET

When it comes to sustainable fashion, there are countless brands out there that claim to be doing their part. But how can you tell which ones are actually making a difference?

Enter ASKET, a Swedish clothing brand that is leading the charge in transparency and sustainability.

Clean, simple clothing is the staple of ASKET's design approach

Clean, simple clothing is the staple of ASKET's design approach

Who are ASKET?

ASKET was founded in 2015 by August Bard Bringéus and Jakob Dworsky, who - like many of us - were frustrated with the fast fashion industry's impact on the environment and the lack of transparency surrounding clothing production.

They wanted to create a brand that offered high-quality, timeless basics that would stand the test of time, and that was completely transparent about every aspect of its supply chain.

The brand's name is a nod to the scientific approach they take to designing and producing their clothes. ASKET is short for 'Ascetic,' a term that refers to the practice of self-discipline and abstention from indulgence.

And in true, Scandi, minimalist style, ASKET's website beautifully discusses their ethos through the tagline 'The Pursuit of Less' - very nicely put.

For ASKET, this means a focus on quality over quantity, and a commitment to creating clothes that are made to last.

ASKET's ethos

A brand that truly stands for what it believes in

What makes them different?

One of the things that sets ASKET apart from other clothing brands is its commitment to transparency.

The company provides a detailed breakdown of the cost of each item on its website, so customers can see exactly what they're paying for. They also publish an annual Impact Report that outlines their sustainability goals and progress.

But ASKET's commitment to sustainability goes beyond transparency.

They use only natural, organic and recycled materials in their clothes, and they work with a select group of factories in Europe that share their values. They also offer a repair service for their clothes, and they run a content series called The Care Program that provides tips on how to extend the life of your clothes.

How is ASKET making a difference?

For one, they're setting an example for other brands to follow. By being transparent about their supply chain and committing to sustainability, they're showing that it's possible to create high-quality clothes without sacrificing ethics.

'Other brands are trying to retrofit their business models for a sustainable future, but ASKET is a business born sustainable.'

They're also helping to shift the conversation around clothing production. By highlighting the true cost of each item, they're showing consumers that cheap clothes come at a high price for the environment and the people who make them.

Finally, ASKET is encouraging consumers to think more carefully about their clothing choices. By offering timeless basics that are made to last, they're challenging the fast fashion mentality of buying cheap clothes that will only last a season. They're showing that investing in quality pieces that you'll wear for years to come is not only better for the planet, but also for your wallet.

The ASKET store in Stockholm, currently their only physical space.


ASKET is a brand that is truly making a genuine in the fashion industry, not just talking about doing so.

By being transparent about their supply chain and committing to sustainability, they're setting an example for other brands - both big and small - to follow.

Their focus on quality over quantity and their commitment to creating clothes that are made to last is a seriously refreshing change in a world where fast fashion dominates and people buy trends rather than long-lasting wardrobes.


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