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Lisa Malin, Marketing Manager

We always like to take a look at what retailers are up to with their Christmas windows and campaigns, so some of the Green Room team went on a trip around London, and here is our roundup of Christmas 2014 window displays.

Key Themes

Three key themes: Togetherness, Party season and Traditional.

The ‘Togetherness’ theme was seen in John Lewis, with the family of penguins; in Tommy Hilfiger they have used a lot of group imagery to demonstrate togetherness, and finally in H&M they have used their campaign message of Giving Together.

Christmas is a time for celebration and a number of retailers have used a party look and feel in their Christmas displays, and these tended to be in fashion retailers, including Primark, Jacamo, Simply Be and TopShop.

There are also a number of retailers that stick to the traditional for their festive displays using Christmas decorations – these included West Elm and Schuh.


A key success factor in creating great Christmas campaigns is the complete integration across all channels from adverts and social media through to in-store activation. Two retailers who have done this well this year are Selfridges and John Lewis.

John Lewis have slowly been gathering a reputation for their strong Christmas campaigns and the heartfelt messages behind gift giving. This year it is Monty the Penguin who has led the story. The advert is not about the product, more about the story of Monty and his owner; products are introduced in-store through window displays with a family of penguins interacting with various products in humorous and quirky situations. In-store, ‘Monty’s Den’ has been created in partnership with Samsung to bring Monty’s world to life; this has been done through virtual reality goggles, interactive iPads and, of course, an opportunity to have a selfie with Monty himself.


Selfridges have used storytelling to create their ‘Destination Christmas’ campaign. Each window is centred on a fairy-tale or children’s storybook classic – but of course with the usual Selfridges twist. In-store, in areas such as the elevator space, there are over-sizes decorations in the shape of torn out pages of a page, with words coming to life and lifting off the pages.

Selfridges Christmas 2014 campaign activation

Christmas Window Tips

We found that the most successful campaigns carried the theme throughout every customer touchpoint, but we have also picked up a few key points along the way too:

1) Keep it simple – we like the simple use of traditional elements in the West Elm store

West Elm Christmas 2014

2) Avoid overusing red – it can be overpowering, so make sure a selected, simple colour palette is used

3) Sometimes value can look premium – we think that the Primark windows look good, and you wouldn’t know it was a value retailer if you removed the oversized price labels

Primark Christmas 2014 window

4) Consider how your window looks at all times of day – even though the nights are longer, windows still need to have impact in daylight, this M&S window loses its impact in the day but looks great lit up at night.

M&S Christmas 2014 windows

5) Humour can work, as long as it is done well and in good taste – we think this J Crew window is amusing.


6) Use bright colours and neon to grab attention – this Lush window is very bright and eye-catching!

Lush Christmas Windows 2014

Overall, Christmas 2014 has been one of the best yet for retailers in terms of their window displays, and we look forward to hearing how retail has fared over the festive season.