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Lisa Malin, Marketing Manager

The retail landscape is evolving, with well known and loved brands disappearing from the high street and new challenger brands entering the market. However, not all of those opening stores on our streets are new brands. There are those that have developed an online brand dominance who are now venturing into bricks and mortar stores.

Here are our top tips for moving from clicks to bricks:

Understand your customers

Fundamental for any business, and any marketer will tell you to know your audience. In this case, who is your target customer? Do they like shopping in store? What do they enjoy? What do they talk about on social media? Pro-Direct identified that young, football champions were their primary customer, and they are part of Generation Z growing up with technology in their hands, and they expect technology to make their lives easier.

Another example of store design for customer needs is the US brand Birchbox. They recently opened their first bricks and mortar store and switched from a brand-led approach to a category-led store layout. For example, all of the eyeliners are in one place and makes it easier for sales assistants to advise customers on their purchase.

Know your strengths

Now you know your customer, what are your strengths? Do you review products and provide expert advice? Do you have an extensive range of products? Are they unique? Decide what your strengths are and build this into the customer journey and experience through the store. Pro Direct have the world’s largest boot room, so they have filled the store with all the latest boots, while the iconic monolith of vintage and classic boots provides a talking piece. The in-store experience brings your strengths alive and creates retail theatre to wow and impress visitors.

Pro-Direct Flagship store design takeover

Find out how Pro-Direct are continuing to constantly flexing the store for new brand takeovers, in our recent blog.

Use technology

With the growth in so many new technologies that can be utilised in retail (beacons, virtual reality, and augmented reality), technology should be built in throughout the customer journey, and not as an afterthought. Pro-Direct have incorporated digital screens as a grid system throughout the store, and also fitted interactive stations where consumers can scroll through reviews and products. They have even included digital mannequins which can be ‘dressed’ by the user.

Pro-Direct Flagship football store London - Green Room Design

Create an experience

Finally, get your customers talking about the store. Create a bespoke social media accounts and monitor social media mentions about the store (both good and bad), engaging with your customers and encouraging them to share the experience. You can even make the journey personalised (through the use of beacon technology) and create that wow factor so that the tech-savvy will share it with their peers.

Green Room offer a range of services and retail store design and concepts are our forte, so if you have an online store, or even a traditional shop and want to know how we can help get in touch with us today.