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Lisa Malin, Marketing Manager

Creating great customer experience is crucial to business success, especially for physical retail stores. One key aspect of the in-store experience is a brand’s employees and the frontline staff who interact with customers. In this blog, we look at why employees are another necessary ingredient in retail strategies.

A recent report from Market Force found that 18% of consumers feel dissatisfied when visiting retailers. Consumers who have great experiences and leave feeling satisfied are more likely to remain loyal to the brands they interact with.

1) Recruit the best

Recruit the best to build a strong team. Retailers and brands should aim to find staff who are passionate about their brand. Passionate staff will be more engaged with the brand and this will have a halo effect on customers. Apple has a clear recruitment strategy by matching people’s skills to the relevant type of role – whether that’s selling or having the technical knowledge to become an in-store genius. Matching skills to roles plays a fundamental part in an employee’s happiness and their ability to please customers.

2) Train & empower

Retailers and brands must have robust and comprehensive training programmes for frontline employees. The training should arm them with product knowledge educate them on brand values and also provide them with excellent customer service skills.

It is also important to provide regular training updates for new product launches. Staff need to be experts in their field; consumers enter stores armed knowledge at their fingertips and staff need to provide that extra level of detail to help customers in their purchase decision.

3) Reward

Employers who recognise and reward their staff have higher levels of employee engagement. This also applies to retailers. Employees who feel rewarded and empowered are more likely to be brand champions and deliver great customer service. Brands that recognise employees who go above and beyond will benefit from loyal staff.

In Summary

To deliver effective retail strategies, brands need to create environments that their employees feel proud to work in and aspire to work for. Having empowered, knowledgeable and passionate staff is crucial for creating great customer experiences.

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