‘Dwell-to-Sell’: Enable exploration (2 of 2)

In our first Dwell to Sell blog, we examined the tactic of extending your welcome beyond your core customer- brands must go the extra mile to play the generous host to their guests and encourage dwell time.

Once a calming environment has been achieved so that the customer feels at ease in the brand’s home, the retail space then needs to be transformed into the ultimate platform for exploration.

One of the main drivers of retail visits in the digital age is human interactions and brand experiences, and when brands get it right, shops are transformed into test venues, product playgrounds and experiential brand hubs. Mixed-purpose retail spaces that offer more than just a product location are increasingly broadening the store’s remit as a hive of activity and cultural relevance. These days, human experiences are everything.

Below are three more retailers we think get this right.


Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters created a three-storey ‘lifestyle centre’ concept store in New York offering customers multi-layered experiences. Lifestyle amenities include a hairdresser, bookshop, and record store.


US speaker brand Sonos’s NY flagship features seven private soundproofed hubs inside which guests can explore music, and the brand’s product portfolio.

Harvey Nichols

The Birmingham department store champions “controlled disruption – a free-flow layout that gives the freedom to move in any direction, always finding something interesting at the end of that journey”.

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