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‘Dwell-to-Sell’: the most important metric you are not measuring. (1 of 2)

“A 1% increase in positive dwell time equates to a 1.3% increase in spend” (Time is Money Study)

By taking your customers on a journey using form, function and most importantly, emotion, you can turn them from an in-and-out customer to a grazer. Shopping is a rational versus an emotional experience: the rational side looks at things like price and shelf life, but it’s an emotional decision that completes the purchase that brands need to tap into.

Our free-to-download Future Series report looks at six ways in which you can adapt your brand experience to increase your customer’s propensity to buy. In each case, we show who is excelling in this space to evidence cross-category learnings.

Dwell-to-sell tactic: Extend your welcome beyond your core customer

Brands must aspire to become the definitive hosts, with gestures of generosity adding extra shine to the shopping experience, especially when catering to those who join the customer in-store, not just the purchaser themselves.

Below are four retailers that are already putting this into practice, to their advantage.

Francois Nars

Commenting on the opening of his new cosmetics store in Covent Garden, Francois Nars offered the following advice, “there’s nothing worse than feeling rushed when you’re choosing make-up, so if you’re bringing him or her, chose a store that you know has comfy armchairs for them to relax in.” He designed his space with this insight in mind.

Nars, Covent Garden

White Stuff

Changing rooms and kids are never a great combination, but White Stuff provides a children’s play area complete with biscuits and toys right by the changing rooms, thereby allowing parents to try on items uninterrupted. A win-win for everyone involved.

white stuff
White Stuff, children’s play areas


Acknowledging that new Mums are often in search of a quiet place to feed their ever hungry children, their stores incorporate private seating areas into their designs to accommodate the specific needs of their target market.

Mothercare store

Envie de fraise

In a lovely example, this French maternity brand considered the baby-on-board and offered their visitors the option to sit down to pay.

Envie de Fraise
Envie de Fraise store

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