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Carly Wickham, Head of Marketing

Green Room are delighted to have been asked to speak at the Retail Design Expo on 10th March 2016 alongside The North Face® on the subject of “Delivering Retail ROI through Analytic Appraisal”.

Green Room is working with The North Face® to roll out a new global retail proposition, the first iteration of which went live on London’s Regent Street pre-Christmas. Expectations are high, and the changes must deliver against stringent ROI. In the speech at the Retail Design Expo, Thursday 10th March 2016, 12.50-13.20, we will be sharing the findings of this analytically appraised design process.

The North Face, Regent St, Flagship interior store design

Why Data Driven Decision Making is on the rise

The rules of retail are being redefined by the introduction of e-tail in a whole host of ways. One way is the new expectation from above that all change should deliver measurable impact, and that the learnings should be shared and implemented to achieve a positive multiplier effect.

In the world of e-commerce, the ability to change, analyse and react is relatively easy to implement and doesn’t have to hit the wallet hard either. As a result, advanced customer journey analytics and AB testing are becoming the norm. And the resulting ROI is demonstrable and, therefore, worthy of further investment.

The expectation of this new working model based on analytic learning and proven results is now being demanded of the real, as well as the virtual world. To date, this has been tough to achieve in a retail environment, where making changes is far more costly than in the virtual world, and delivering analytics against change is also far from controllable.

The North Face® challenged difficulties around analytical appraisal of retail design

The scale of investment in the global roll out of a new North Face® retail proposition demanded that analytics were included in the creative process. The presentation will cover the learnings from this process including:

1. What does a test and learn process to help inform design look like?

2. How can analytic appraisal impact retail design?

3. Can iterative learning minimise risk and subjectivity?

4. Can you track impact and calculate ROI?

Our Presenters

The speech will be given by Mike Robert’s, Chief Creative Officer at Green Room and Eli Petricka, Director, Retail Brand Experience at The North Face®.

Mike Roberts, Chief Creative Officer at Green Room, commented, “We are very excited to have a platform at the Expo to share the findings of the test and learn design process that we have been working on alongside The North Face®.”

Mike Robert’s Chief Creative Officer at Green Room

Chief Creative Officer at Green Room, Mike Roberts interrogates every client’s requirement to ensure every opportunity to develop a deep emotional connection between brand and consumer is maximised. Over the past 20 years, Mike has delivered creative cut-through for a wide variety of global brands including McLaren, Vodafone and VANS.


Eli Petricka, Director, Retail Brand Experience at The North Face®

Director of Brand Retail Experience at The North Face® Eli Petricka is based out of San Francisco. His mission is to bring to life The North Face® brand in retail environments across the globe by creating engaging customer experiences. Eli has a long history in retail design, with previous high-level positions at both Nike and Gap.

Eli Petricka - The North Face