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Our July Latest & Greatest was our digital edition- investigating brands that are mastering all things digitally immersive, high-tech and innovation.

In the Retail News

Coop Italia Supermarket of the Future, Milan

Coop Italia’s flagship store is a futuristic, high-tech twist on the normal supermarket, displaying over 6000 products on interactive food monitors.

Rochambeau Smart Jacket

Collaborating with IoT agency Evrything, Rochambeau have created a smart jacket that unlocks exclusive content and experiences through a digital tag in the sleeve, including VIP passes to sought-after events.

London Welcomes the First ‘smart street’ this June

Bird Street In London, located just off Oxford Street, is set to transform into a hub of technology, fashion, innovation and sustainability this month- creating the very first ‘smart street’.

Green Room Thinking

Anti-Digital: The Case for Human-Centric Design

Is digital complexity stifling meaningful retail experiences? We’ve identified 3 key challenges facing retailers today.

3 Ways to Smooth Digital Integration at Retail

Digital Integration at Retail
We explore the obstacles facing brands when initiating digital into their retail environments. Find out about our solutions that should be investigated to ensure a smooth delivery and integration