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Our April Latest and Greatest explores everything from chemistry-lab themed footwear stores, to best practice in Outdoor VM and why M&S are leading the retail way for the digitally native shopper.

Retail Trends

Digital wayfinding in-store with Google Maps

New interior maps functionality allows floor-plans to be displayed, and Marks & Spencer are one of few retailers to currently take advantage of the opportunity. Read more here.

ISPO Munich

Some of the team recently attended the world’s largest sports show. Read our blog to catch up on some of the exhibition’s highlights.

In the Retail News

RYU support health and fitness

Canadian sportswear brand RYU (Respect Your Universe) have pledged to support its athletes in 2017 by offering a discount of 50% on replacement items in a new size through their ‘Size Up, Size Down’ campaign.

The New Black Coffee Shop

Is this high-design, business-oriented cafe concept London’s most stylish new café? A little while ago we investigated coffee shop customer experience in a caffeine fueled report. Take a look.

Solebox, Amsterdam nails the ‘chemistry vibe’

This trainer retailer makes each store a one-off and the lab feel within this shop is quite unique, modern and reassuringly expensive in it’s design.

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