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Lisa Malin, Marketing Manager

This month’s Latest & Greatest covers recent advances in cashless payments and upcoming brand experiences to watch out for.

Retail trends

Mobile and cashless payments are one of IGD’s (Institute of Grocery Distribution) top trends to watch in 2016.

Waitrose opens first cashless store

For the first time, Waitrose will provide an entirely cashless experience, accepting payment by either card or through smartphones. Shoppers will be able to use these two methods at the store’s five self-service checkouts, making the transaction process quick and simple.

waitrose cashless store

Ubamarket app aims to reduce frustration

DMI’s Ubamarket app is aimed at streamlining the shopping experience for disenfranchised supermarket shoppers. Customers scan items with their phone, instead of at the till, then the phone is tapped onto a payment point without having to place items on a conveyor belt, slashing queuing times.

Ubamarket app

Take away: In reaction to an era of information overload, consumers are stripping away complexity to uncover more productive, rewarding lifestyles. This simplification is reflected in tech-enabled services including payments.

New brand experiences

Coca-Cola Olympic Pavilion

coca-cola olympic pavillion

The project Parada Coca-Cola was installed in a revitalised area of Rio de Janeiro. the public were invited to enter the immersive room, a sensorial experience.

Lego to open flagship store in London

lego flagship store

Toy giant Lego is to open a huge store in the heart of London’s Leicester Square, The flagship will be spread over two floors, to create a “must-visit” tourist destination for Lego enthusiasts.

Nickelodeon to grow stores in EMEA


Nickelodeon has detailed its plans to open a string of new stores across the UK and Europe over the next 18 months. The team is set to open its first outlet in Dubai and has plans on expanding across Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe.

Takeaway: Brands are investing in immersive flagship stores and experiences to elevate perception and entice consumers to interact. Physical interactions with a brand at retail are important in establishing emotional roots that resonate with consumers across channels.

New store openings

Westfield World Trade Centre


This long-anticipated store will open in The Oculus Commuter hub in Downtown New York, featuring stores including Apple, Dior, & Other Stories plus more to be named soon.

‘Fabled’ by Marie Clare New Flagship


This retail collaboration between Ocado and Time Inc.will be a beauty haven with expert staff, and will stock brands such as Chanel, Benefit, YSL, Clinique, Elemis and Lancôme.

Take away: Successful modern malls and multi-brand stores are designed to have a strong sense of identity as locally-relevant spaces with multi-faceted leisure offers.

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