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Lisa Malin, Marketing Manager

We said goodbye to 2015 with a round-up of the ‘Latest & Greatest’ that caught our eye in December. This edition looks at light installations and innovations, modern convenience and trend alignment.

Let there be light

As the northern hemisphere falls into December darkness, examples abound of how to creatively light up our lives. ‘happy LED life!’, a bi-annual design competition announced it’s winners which included LED bike wheels, clothes pegs and enormous light installations.

San Francisco’s Exploratorium curated an exhibition called ‘glow’, hosting a mile and a half of fluorescent twine, canopies of over 7,200 LEDs, 5ft lit roses and a collection of associated glowing fabrics and chemicals.


Closer to home, many gardens including Kew have lit up their grounds to tempt visitors to explore after dark, the choral holly bushes link audio and visual cues and the illuminated glasshouse is stunning.


For the retail industry, festive seasonal lights have been a fixture for years, shopping centres are alive after dark, festooned with lights. The exhibits mentioned above show that technological advances and fresh interpretations of light are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with this adaptable visual stimulus.

Daily retail refreshes for local traffic

The New Stand offers ‘modern convenience’ to NYC commuters.

Rethinking the traditional newsstand, this new retail 12ft x 12ft concept provides convenience alongside news and media content to commuters in Union Square. The store is designed to refresh daily, with a fully flexible magnetic wall solution enabling easy product curation, the of ‘editorialisation of retail’ trend brought to life.


The physical store compliments the digital presence, an app to inform product selection and offer daily 2-for-1 style promotions.

Sam Langley-Swain, our Strategy & Insights Manager, comments:

“A great example of modern retail experience, with both the physical and digital presence working together to anticipate a customer’s needs before they even know they need it. The collapsible bike helmets and 3D printed frames they stock sound like presents I wish I’d received this Christmas.’

Aligning with annual trends

Pantone has for the first time named two colours of the year for 2016. Pink ‘Rose Quartz’ 13-1520 and cool blue ‘Serenity’ 15-3919 were selected to reflect society’s increasing acceptance of gender equality and fluidity, and to echo the search for wellness and tranquillity as an antidote to the chaos of modern living.


Sephora collaborated with Pantone on several Colour of the Year collections for 2016 including an eyeshadow palette, two matte lipsticks and a lipgloss set. A great example of newsjacking the announcement and providing context for their latest collections.

Phil Rowberry, Senior Designer comments:

“A great example of an agile brand, quickly turning around products and marketing campaigns to align with latest trends, maintain relevance, and entertain their consumers.”

Building on consumer eccentricities

Celebrating niche lifestyle, digital enabling the ‘long-tail effect


Japanese online retailer Felissimo has extended its cat-inspired range into fragrance and skin-care products. They’ve introduced a spray that recreates the smell of ‘a cat’s forehead’ and a ‘paw-scented’ hand cream. Sorry to disappoint, but they’re not accepting international orders at the moment.

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