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Lisa Malin, Marketing Manager

In February’s issue of the Latest & Greatest from the design and retail industry, we turned our attention to #CompellingExperiences, as this was the theme of our Retail Design Expo stand.

Rapha demonstrates a contextually relevant showstopper of an immersive experience

Rapha’s Cycle Club Spitalfields, London is an iconic store, blending merchandise, with it’s now infamous Club Café.


It’s in the basement Rapha Vault where the magic happens…A static bicycle sits inside a climate-controlled chamber. Cyclists experience Rapha’s world-class apparel in the extreme temperature and wind conditions it’s been designed for.

Learn more about the psychology of sensory design in our recent blog; ‘How to improve customer experience through sensory engagement.’

Take-away: Turning trial experiences into immersive pockets of entertainment that have relevance, transforms traditional store spaces into real consumer destinations.

How can #CompellingExperience help retailers?


The ‘Time is Money Study’ by PathIntelligence states that: “For every 1% increase in dwell time, a 1.3% rise in spend can be expected (providing that time in-store is not born out of frustration)”

Take-away: Compelling experiences that invite consumers to get up close and personal with your product, or relax and enjoy more time in the store, will deliver rewards in the form of both revenue and retention.

Samsung redefines the rationale for retail, as brand experience hub


“We wanted to build what we think is the future of retail. Which is not retail, but experience.” – Zach Overton, VP & GM of Samsung 837

The curious American concept space, simply dubbed 837 after its address, does not sell any of Samsung’s products.

Instead the space houses a collection of experiences: A 90-seat theatre, a multimedia studio, a VR Instagram tunnel (pictured), an art gallery, a cafe, a dedicated playroom and even a portable demo kitchen.


Take-away: Make retail where your customers fall in love with your brand by creating insightful experiences.

Lululemon delivers added value through CX at retail

Lululemon’s NY flagship now boasts a concierge service. This experience enhancing addition recommends and even books nearby non-Lululemon exercise classes.


The store also has community space with a kitchen-style bar and Hub Seventeen – a 5,000sqft fitness class and events space. The ultimate goal is to change mindstates and influence behaviour, find out more in our recent CX blog; ‘Changing emotional states’.

Take-away: While it may feel counter-intuitive, there is huge mileage in offering added extras that stretch and go beyond your own brand services.

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