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Lisa Malin, Marketing Manager

Read the second issue of our ‘Latest & Greatest’ update. It’s short and it’s, punchy. We cover three news stories relevant to retail, and provide an insight into why we think they’re noteworthy, to challenge your thinking.

Online giant Amazon opens physical brand expression

E-tail giant Amazon continues to dominate the online sphere. But in an interesting move the brand has just transitioned from an online pure-play to a multi-channel consumer offer by launching ‘Amazon Books’, its first physical flagship in Seattle.

Amazon physical book store

Joining digital and physical channels together, Amazon uses its e-commerce data, analytics and insight to inform the product selection for a 5,000-book inventory; as well as providing a click and collect hub.

Chris Chubb, our Digital Director, comments:

“This is a great example of how clicks to bricks brands can use insights to enhance the physical customer experience. What is interesting, is that this multi-channel experience is not ‘screen-saturated’.”

LEGO Creates Anti-Brick Slippers

In a light-hearted move to engage parents as well as children during the festive period, Lego created a limited edition run of cushioned slippers to protect parents’ feet from standing on leftover bricks.1,500 brick-shaped pairs were offered to consumers who filled out Christmas lists on the Lego France website.

LEGO anti-brick slippers

Our Insights & Strategy Manager, Sam Langley-Swain, comments:

“It’s interesting to see brands play on negative associations with their product (stepping on bricks is something many parents can, unfortunately, relate to). It’s refreshing to see how spinning these negative insights into a positive message can engage consumers on a humanistic level and lead to a deeper sense of market ownership.”

Prefabricated havens by Japanese brand, Muji

Have you heard the discussion about ‘flight mode rooms’ being deemed essential in our homes of the future? Muji has unveiled a new range of pre-fab cabins that provide rural retreats away from the busy pace of the city.

The range was created by international designers, as part of their ‘Muji is enough’ new tagline, celebrating simple and cleanly designed and honestly made products.

Muji prefabricated homes

Darren Record, our Production Director comments:

“Within both retail and domestic space, we see paired-back building schemes with raw, simple materials that reduce visual noise. These cabins fulfil a need to find a quiet space to reflect and escape the stresses of hyper-connectivity.”

Carly Wickham, our Head of Marketing comments:

“This takes the idea of brand extensions beyond the comfort zone of a redesign or new iteration. Is the Muji brand strong enough to stretch this far? The premise of the design does sit comfortably with their new tagline, which will ease the transition. I eagerly await their next project.”

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