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Lisa Malin, Marketing Manager

Read our first monthly ‘Latest & Greatest’ update. It’s short and it’s, punchy. We cover three news stories relevant to retail, and provide an insight into why we think they’re noteworthy, to challenge your thinking.

John Lewis’ Head of Design, an example of tailored customer experience

John Lewis has revamped its Flagship store in London. New interactive and experiential areas inspire and entertain customers. Their homeware division is now a collection of unique and sometimes bizarre examples of living spaces including virtual concepts.

The ‘Head of design’ installation is a great new addition. Customers step into the head and are given a three-minute psychometric test from which the customers design preferences can be prescribed. Tailored advice is given to the customer in the form of “Mood boards”.

John Lewis Head of Design - photo courtesy Matt Alexander/PA Wire

Our Digital Director, Chris Chubb comments:

“Turning consumer data into actionable insights that can both benefit the consumer in a more informed assisted journey and the retailer by understanding their consumers betters is a win-win for both.”

All seeing all knowing – Brands toy with voyeurism

British photographic studio Spring recently unveiled an open-plan pop-up shoot space within Tom Dixon’s Multiplex venue at the Old Selfridges Hotel, London.

Visitors were able to get a glimpse of the creativity behind a range of fashion shoots hosted in-store while seemingly walking around the retail environment.

Spring photograph studio in Tom Dixon's multiplex

Our Insights & Strategy Manager, Sam Langley-Swain, comments:

“Allowing customers to spectate and peer behind the scenes creates intrigue. Providing brands with an instore space to self-express and co-create breaks down barriers between brands and consumer. The idea of watching and sharing in a physical space creates valuable real-time engagement and puts the consumer into an aspirational mindset.”

Minimalism in Design and Product Approach

In retaliation to the recent influx in bold, vibrant, seasonal trends and strong celebrity endorsement, Ten Thousand a New York-based athletic performance apparel brand for men adopts a new, single-minded marketing approach.

This brand takes a new minimalist approach to both product design and marketing. They focus on performance, durability, sustainability and black. Seemingly any colour as long as it’s black. Haven’t we heard that somewhere before?

Ten Thousand Minimal products

Darren Record, our Production Director comments:

“The ‘less is more’ approach is refreshing; the emphasis is on quality, not quantity. Taking advantage of new, advanced fabrics and designing for a longer lifespan is a new twist in thinking for the sportswear industry.”

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