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Our January Latest and Greatest explores what 2017 has in-store for retail, from the latest trends to noteworthy happenings.

Retail Trends

7 retail trends to grapple with in 2017

From being generous to flexing brandscapes, we’ve assimilated what we believe will be key opportunities for our clients in the upcoming year.

Exploring the ‘Renegade Retail’ trend

We’ve explored one of the seven trends in more detail with the help of some insight from our partners at Stylus.

Renegade Retail 2

2016’s most popular blogs

In case you missed any of them, here’s a review of the blogs that generated the most interest last year.

Noteworthy happenings

Yun eyewear flagship, Berlin

This scientific new store embraces retail trends of transparency, customisation and retail theatre with a lab style robot that creates bespoke glasses while customers watch.

Footlocker innovation inspired by museums

300 US stores have launched ‘In-Store Sneaker Audio Tours’ in the belief that it will “help make any shoe on our wall more special and meaningful than if you saw it somewhere else in the mall”. An innovative way of adding customer value.


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