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Lisa Malin, Marketing Manager

We’ve been on the hunt for answers to conundrums facing our clients, namely how to design captivating consumer journeys, how to integrate thoughtful technology and how to capture insightful analytics, all to deliver #CompellingExperiences at retail. Here’s what we’ve found.

Nike’s experience driven pop-up demonstrates the power of a captivating customer journey

The Shanghai pop-up celebrates ‘Air Max Day’, championing the history and heritage of Air Max sneakers.

nike air max event

The uber-immersive, steel-framed, transparent, giant sneaker box showcases rare examples of Air Max in tactile air bubbles. ‘Mobile Air Max’ vans were also used to spread the brand message.

nike air max event

Discover more about the captivating journey we brought to life on our Retail Design Expo stand.

Take away: Curate a product’s heritage into roaming tactile experiences. The emotional disruption creates a memorable touch-point in a customer’s journey.

Banks buy into selfies

Acknowledging customer behaviour preferences, and simplifying the customer journey, MasterCard has launched a Selfie Pay App. Incorporating thoughtful technology, they are replacing the old-fashioned password and simplifying the customer journey.

mastercard selfie payments

Users are identified by the facial recognition technology within the smartphone working on a selfie image. But other banks are quick to follow, with a new British bank ‘Atom Bank’ due to launch in 2016 already leveraging the benefits of the technology.

selfie payments

Find out how we used thoughtful technology to bring our designs to life at Retail Design Expo.

Take away: Traditional processes can be re-energised by studying consumer behaviours and exploring how technology can align to these trends and make the process easier or more engaging.

Leading retailer adopts insightful analytics

Topshop collaborates with tech agency to create new insight platform Gloodoo.

Gloodoo topshop data analytics

This new tool combines social media commentary, customer feedback, and sales data into one clear interface that can quickly align with internal systems and clarify decision-making. Social feeds also allow staff to comment rapidly with the privacy of the brand profile while brand managers can aggregate customer and employee feedback into new collections.

Find out the results of our Retail Design Expo data analytics capture.

Take away: SaaS options allow brands to build tailor-made analytics platforms that add richness and tangible value to their decision making and operations.

Adidas take compelling brand experiences to the extreme

The Adidas Originals ‘Your future is not mine’ pop-up appeared in East London recently. This big statement combines gig rooms entered through a moving image vapour screen, a coffee shop, a walk in projected kaleidoscope, and some quality East London grime. An experience to invigorate all of the senses.


To see this pop-up come to life, check out their Instagram feed.

We’ve been exploring #CompellingExperiences in a series of blogs.

Take away: A market leader in experiential marketing tactics, this brand demonstrates the gravitas it believes compelling experiences deserve.

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