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Lisa Malin, Marketing Manager

Brands and retailers are targeting well-being focused consumers with supportive selling techniques. In this Latest & Greatest we’ve drawn together up-to-the-minute examples from around the world that all focus on putting the consumer at ease.

Take a look inside the new NYC flagship from the Olsen twin’s luxury fashion brand

Founded by screen-stars turned fashion gurus Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, The Row has just opened a three-storey flagship in a town house. The focus on high-end bespoke finishes was matched with an approachable vibe: “It’s an environment that feels warm and welcoming, not a stuffy, ostentatious, look-don’t-touch show-place”, say the Olsen twins.

olsen twins the row store

Photographed by François Halard / Courtesy of The Row

Take away: No matter how luxurious the overall finish of a store, using design cues inspired by the home enables high-end brands to make their clients feel more relaxed and happy to spend freely.

Enhanced sense of wellbeing is affecting retail design

memory-makers quote

In our recent blog, we take a look at three retail trends led by the consumer interest in wellness. The blog covers how customer relationships can be nurtured in-store through:

  • Community Engagement
  • Self-Steered Support Mechanisms
  • Information Sharing Opportunities

Fancy taking a shower in a store? NYC flagship offers ultimate trial experiences.

California-based retailer Pirch just opened a 32,000 sqft showroom where every tap, shower, fixture, and appliance actually works. “Building this was closer to a spa than a store” said Pirch’s CEO, “You’ve got two working kitchens, two full-size apartments to test light systems and smart appliances. Plus you’ve got a complete bath environment downstairs.”

Pirch store try before you buy

Take away: Contextual and real-life trial experiences help consumers to engage with a product on an emotional and instinctive level.

How can basics come to life in-store in a way that feels aspirational and premium?

British men’s underwear and loungewear brand Hamilton and Hare opened its first flagship store on London’s Chiltern Street. The design is relaxed and paired-back, complimenting the locally designed and produced product offer. The space also fits into the neighbourhood feel created by the local community of designers and retailers.

Hamilton and Hare flagship store

Take away: To create an approachable yet aspirational design, focus on simplicity and sympathy towards architecture to bring to life in store a refined brand offer.

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