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Lisa Malin, Marketing Manager

This month we investigate the trend for emotional well-being in retail.

Retail trends

Emotion-based selling

Check out our latest blog post in which our Strategy Director, Sam talks about how brand engagement moves beyond profiles and purchasing habits into emotion and enlightenment.emotion retail blog

Softer and friendlier tech products emerge

Suzy Snooze is the latest parenting tech must have. The smart nightlight, due December ’16, provides a friendly interface to get children to sleep but also soothe them if they wake in the night.

Suzy Snooze product

Empowerment brands enrich corporate giant’s offer

The doll brand, American Girl, is set to bring its product closer to consumers through 97 shop-in-shops within Toys “R” Us across the US, reaching more and more children with ‘timeless life lessons’.

American girl dolls toys r us

Take away: Appealing directly to the emotional well-being of consumers is rapidly expanding beyond health and wellness markets. Selling ‘happy and empowered’ is everyone’s business.

New retail experiences driven by consumer emotions

Express coffee concept grows

Starbucks expands its ‘express’ concept into London’s Canary Wharf. The open plan layout and the streamlined menu displayed on digital screens mean that it caters for the time poor, stressed consumers, reducing serving times by half.

Starbucks Express

Sonos brings the joy of great sound to ‘a friend’s house, not a retail store’

Sonos has unveiled a new 4,200 sqft flagship in Soho, New York with a refreshingly relaxed approach to sales. Seven soundproofed, themed hubs provide spaces where visitors can customise playlists from streaming services via the Sonos app.

Sonos retail experience

Aston Martin opens its first experience boutique

Located at the prestigious No.8 Dover Street, London, the luxurious store interior becomes a destination for design master classes, art exhibitions, dinner series and other exclusive events which embody the Aston Martin spirit.

aston martin retail experience

Take away: In a rapid-retailing digital era marked by complexity, speed and volatility, consumers’ emotional needs around products are far from simple. Bolstering identity and mindfulness in physical retail are solid strategies.

New and upcoming store openings

IKEA continues to invest in city centre locations globally

The homewares giant’s latest full-size store will arrive in Quebec City in the summer of 2018. The new 340,000 sqft site will be the brand’s 14th in Canada.

Polish fashion brand replaces BHS flagship

Rapidly-growing brand Reserved, (part of the LLP fashion group) will premiere in the UK, installing themselves in part of the former BHS site on Oxford Street, London.

reserved flagship replace BHS

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