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Long-term success depends on truly understanding your customers by placing them at the heart of your strategy.

Women have a huge influence on the UK consumer economy. estimates that 67% of all UK household consumption is controlled or influenced by women. And brands and advertisers have become smarter at selling to women in the knowledge that they are integral to their offering and that female insight can elevate the whole retail experience – for everyone.

Unfortunately, the retail experience for women in some sectors isn’t reflecting their needs and wants. So, we partnered with Campaign to bring some of the leading minds in their field to help you understand why human experiences – particularly around female customers – are integral to brand success.

We’ll cover questions including:

  • How does creating greater gender diversity in organisations, from the boardroom to the shop front, enhance retail experiences for women?
  • How are increasingly diverse lifestyles changing perceptions of women and their aspirations – and how can brands empower women through more considered, omnichannel experiences?
  • How can learnings from other industries be applied to elevate one particular sector?

(This was first aired on Campaign Insight.)

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