Man shooting football on interactive store game, Sun and Sand Sports - Flagship Store, The Dubai Mall

Discover how the changing landscape of football brands requires new ways to optimise channels and maximise engagement.

At the start of the last football season, we successfully redesigned and launched the Southampton Stadium Store. We realised that this project, along with our extensive body of work in the Sports & Lifestyle category with brands including Nike, ASICS, Pro:Direct and Sun & Sand Sports , put us in a great position to holistically view the pinch points facing football brands.

Our insights guys (and gals) sat down and envisioned this thought piece to discuss ‘The Future of Football Brands’. The report encompasses an understanding of the change in risk as investment in the sport grows, the complexity of commercial relationships in this field and the continually growing demands of football supporters.

The report centres around three pertinent questions:

1.       How are football brands ensuring their channels are optimised to stand out in the competitive market and their alternative revenue streams are maximised?

2.       Are football brands effectively planning to attract and engage both new and existing markets?

3.       Elevating fans experiences and encouraging advocacy has great kickbacks, are football brands achieving this?

Our thinking also references cross-sector examples of successes that are relevant to this niche marketplace, offering inspiration through alternative ways of engaging.

Please feel free to download the report here.

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