Trailblazer Retail Design: Predictions Report 2023-24

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Hazel Howat
Creative Strategist

About this report:

We are entering an era of ‘Trailblazer Retail Design’

As the name suggests, this involves the increased emergence of brands playing at the extremities of known retail trends and questioning the assumptions of what we know traditional brick-and-mortar to look like. Instead of looking straight down the centre, we are looking at the margins, to see where retailers are interpreting these trends with a unique perspective. Where instead of conforming, they are pushing, going further, and succeeding at it.

From secondary city settlers and surrealist realities, to store shapeshifters to experiexhibitions, in our latest report, we have taken a closer look at where we can expect to see retailers playing in 23-24.


1 min03 Feb 23