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With the launch of our latest ‘digital customer journey’ project at the ASICS flagship store, Brussels, we focused this Latest & Greatest on new thinking and recommendations for digital integration at retail.

Digital at Retail

LEGO’S new London flagship gets playful with digital at retail

Digital tech is used to create fun experiences such as the ‘Which mini-figure are you?’ selector and the LEGO ‘Mosaic Maker’ where you can immortalise yourself in a LEGO portrait, a great interactive experience. transition to a new pop-up format

Ever the innovators, have just launched a pop-up in Shoreditch to host MADE PRESENTS. This clicks-to-bricks brand is experimenting effectively with event based marketing from a new temporary space. Click here to find out more about their innovative take on digital at retail.

Take away: Are we at a tipping point where the possibilities of digital integration at retail are being realised? We believe so, and we’re excited about what this aspect of retail design can offer customers. Our Digital Director, Andrew has blogged three gems of advice for navigating these uncharted waters, find out more.

Noteworthy openings & events

Missguided is the latest ‘clicks-to-bricks’ retailer to debut

Misguided are the latest e-tailer to lay down some bricks and mortar. Their highly ‘Instagram-able’ store just went live. Check out our recent report into how a collection of ‘clicks to bricks’ retailers are innovators and market disruptors.


Boxpark lands in Croydon

Launched this month, the second iteration of the successful phenomenon comes alive. A perfect example of the ‘Permanently Temporary’ theme we covered in a recent blog. Digital mediums are frequently used to draw crowds to this retail-based gathering place.

Design Museum London, isn’t it beautiful?

We couldn’t let the opening of London’s new design museum go without mention. Are they integrating tech, of course. An exhibit features a 1,200kg lump of steel, programmed to make it seem curious about the world around it. We recommend a trip to see ‘Mimus’ by designer Madeline Gannon.


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