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Sam Langley-Swain, Strategy Director

Did you set any New Year resolutions? Were any of them to try to be more healthy and mindful? The global health and wellness industry is expected to grow to $1trillion by 2019 (according to research from Euromonitor), and health is a top five concern for many consumers.

People of all ages are becoming interested in their health, and how modern lives affect their mind, body and soul. Some forecasters believe that technology will play a significant role in helping people achieve optimal health.

In this blog, we take a look at some of the latest trends in health and wellness retail.

Stores focus on wellbeing

With physical and also mental wellbeing becoming higher on consumer’s agendas, clever retailers and brands are leading the way in providing unique customer experiences in this arena. UK health and beauty retailer Superdrug is repositioning itself as a place to be for wellbeing by bringing to life new store concepts – the aim being to foster more informal interactions and assist customers in their lifestyle choices.

New retail strategies

With the plethora of medicines, remedies and health and beauty products available and the increasing use of technology; some retailers are creating specialist health focussed division to target modern, health-conscious consumers. Leading supermarket, Tesco, launched a trial of the My Fit Lifestyle products in selected stores, alongside offering health plans and an interactive phone app.

The modern pharmacy

Traditional pharmacies and stores could benefit from adapting their service offering to become more tailored for modern consumer needs and create a greater emotional experience to build loyalty and trust. Lloyds pharmacy recently opened a BetterLife concept which includes test areas for mobility and provides more services for a range of consumers.

Changing lifestyles

More and more consumers are cash-strapped and time poor. However, they are still concerned about what impact their modern lifestyle will have on their health and wellbeing. Retailers and brands should develop concepts that provide a holistic experience. UK luxury brand Celestine Eleven created a new store concept with this in mind. A US concept, The Springs is a holistic wellness centre offering a one-stop shop for the mind, body, and soul to explore and relax; with soothing interiors and ambient lighting.


Savvy retailers who want to create engaging experiences in this sector should consider how their retail strategy and store concepts can deliver this; through smart store design, in-store or through integrated digital experiences.