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Mike Roberts, Chief Creative Officer

The RSA Student Design Awards are a global, annual competition held by the RSA which are designed to encourage young designers to challenge their thinking and identify new ways to solve real-world problems.

As active members of the RSA, Green Room are delighted to be a part of the 2015 awards through our sponsorship of the ‘Heritage by Design’ brief. This tasked students with looking at new ways for people and communities to better connect with and celebrate their heritage and how heritage (in its broadest sense) contributes to individual and collective livelihoods and wellbeing as well as place-making.

Our category received the highest number of entries in the competition which made the judging process a great challenge but after much deliberation Suki Bola (Green Room’s HR Director) and I (Mike Roberts Chief Creative Officer) are pleased to announce that the winner of the Patricia Tindale Legacy Award of £1000 is Kazuko Morohashi (who is studying Communications Design at Norwich University of the Arts).

Kazuko’s project Walkies really stood out for the judges – her innovative digital heritage mapping and storytelling project which is made for children by children and which explores new ways for them to engage with heritage as well as empowering them to think articulate and define their own notion of heritage.

RSA Student Design Awards 2015 - Walkies project

RSA Student Design Awards 2015 - Walkies project

The winners of the Green Room Paid Internship are Jenny Johnson and Erik Winterburn (both studying Graphic Design at the University of the West of England) with their project The Dialect Heritage Group: Ee Bah Gum! They designed a guide and phrase book that records and preserves the Yorkshire dialect as it holds an important role in the preservation of heritage Yorkshire. It also forms the basis for potential books based on dialects from other regions.

RSA Student Design Awards 2015 - eh bah gum project

Jenny and Erik had the option of spending their internship at any one of Green Room’s three studios (Birmingham London or Amsterdam) and have elected to go overseas to work with our team in Amsterdam.

Both submissions were fantastic and really delivered on the spirit of the briefing – well done to everyone involved and huge congratulations to our winners!

For more information please visit the RSA design awards website.