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Sam Langley-Swain, Strategy Director

Window display design continues to be an essential tool for engaging passing footfall. With the scariest day of the year approaching, retailers all over the world are looking to tap into the ever lucrative Halloween market with imaginative window display executions.

As Halloween becomes a more mainstream holiday in the UK, retailers are increasingly looking at ways they can boost their brand relevancy and get into the spooky spirit. Retail window displays have the power to interrupt a customer journey and encourage footfall to the store, and theming displays in this way is a technique all brands should try.

So in the spirit of Halloween, here are some of our favourite spooktacular window displays from around the world:

1. Topshop ‘Don’t Look in the Attic’, 2013

Topshop’s windows are always extremely stylish and perfectly themed, and their Halloween offering is no different. Spider graphics climbs the walls, gruesome green font and chic goth fashion at its best adorn the window of their Birmingham Bullring store. This window display design appeals directly to the stores target market while still capturing the Halloween spirit.

Topshop Halloween Window Display 2013 Don't Look in the attic

2. Harrods ‘The Wicked Witch of the East’, 2011

Harrods drew inspiration from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ for their 2011 Halloween window display. The design consisted of striped stockings and ruby red slippers, poking out from underneath the store. This experiential window display quite literally interrupted customer journeys and generated a huge brand buzz.

Halloween Windows Display - Harrods Dorothy 2011

3. Mulberry Halloween, 2012

Mulberry’s window display design focuses on hero product placement with their iconic bags and clothes taking centre stage. However, the addition of a black backdrop with creepy Halloween eyes brings in a stylish but sinister edge. This shop window uses autumnal colours to the products to bring the whole display together.

Mulberry Halloween Window Display 2012

4. Bergdorf Goodman Halloween Chic, 2011

NYC department store Bergdorf Goodman made sure to include an array of luxury retailers in their Halloween window display. The likes of Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Jason Wu all had the spooky treatment with a mask wall way behind mannequins depicting all sorts of creepy characters. While this added to the theme of Halloween, it didn’t detract from the products.

Bergdorf Halloween Window Display 2011

5. Marc Jacobs Electric Chair, 2010

Marc Jacobs went to town on their Bleaker Street window in 2010. Shoppers at the NYC store are greeted by an electric chair where the victim had been reduced to nothing but a pair of hands and Marc Jacobs clothes. An electronic skeleton and rat-man flank the chair, further adding to the creepy themed window. This is just one example of the brand getting in the Halloween spirit. Take a look at their 2009 displays but be warned; they’re a little creepier.

6. Cynthia Rowley Day of the Dead, 2010

Down the street at the Cynthia Rowley store, the Halloween retail theme is based on the Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’. The window display design features mannequins dressed in Black or White designer dresses topped off with brightly painted Mexican skull masks and black veils and large gaudy plastic flowers.

Cynthia Rowley Halloween Window Display

7. Ralph Lauren Halloween Tea Party, 2009

Showing the All Hallows Eve can be glamorous too, Ralph Lauren’s retail window display depicted a Halloween Tea Party. Mannequins dressed in ruffles, lace and tulle, showed a slightly more grown up fancy dress – and perfectly suited the luxury branding – while lashings of cobwebs, pumpkins, and porcelain dolls added the creepy factor. You can see more shots of this stunning window display here.

Ralph Lauren Halloween Window Display

8. Alexandra’s Bridal Boutique, 2014


Weddings are not usually associated with Halloween, so it’s an interesting choice of theme for this retailer in Massachusetts. Mannequin heads have been replaced with scary pumpkin masks, and the use of purple and trees gives a very spooky feel to the display. However, it does make the dresses stand out and look eerily beautiful.