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Lisa Malin, Marketing Manager

Our Chief Creative Officer, Mike Roberts, recently interviewed for Insider Trends about using digital in retail design.

Here are some of his thoughts on using digital in retail store design.

Enhance the customer experience

Using digital in design has to make sense and benefit both the customer and the retailer. There are many poor examples of digital out there at the moment that don’t enhance the customer experience or help uplift sales and therefore benefits nobody.

At Green Room we build the customer experience first, map out the emotional journey and then, wherever there is a touch point, we find the best media to fill the emotional requirement. If the best solution is somehow digital, that doesn’t mean it has to be a screen. There are many ways of creating a digital retail design. One example is our stand at Retail Design Expo in March, where we went almost anti-screen.

Green Room Design - Retail Design Expo 2016 stand

Emotional impact or white noise

The use of screens in-store was introduced about ten years ago, where plasma screens were showing web content instead of purpose-built content. The screen and content must have a clear goal and an emotional impact on the customer, instead of just being white noise. But the question is how to do that? That is why it is important to think and use digital in the best possible way.

An excellent example of screen design as a digital strategy is Pro:Direct where we turned an e-commerce proposition into an engaging bricks and mortar store.

Pro-Direct, Flagship Football store, London - Green Room

Analogue experiences

Instead of using digital design, it is also possible to create a nice analogue customer experience, like they do at Anthropologie. By using biophilic design you can, for example, include natural planting in the store, which can shift the customer mind state, making them more relaxed and put them into a slower pace which encourages them to browse.

Anthropologie store interior 2015

There is a future for digital in retail, but you always have to raise the question – what’s the point of putting in more technology? It has to be effective and beneficial for the customer as well as the retailer.