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Andy O'Sullivan, Client Director - Workspace

In the latest State of the Global Workplace report by Gallup, only 13% of employees throughout the world are engaged in their jobs, with 24% feeling disengaged with their place of work. This statistic is of up-most importance and with the increasingly changing work patterns and lifestyles, workplace design can have a significant impact on improving employee engagement, and ultimately business productivity and performance.

Living workspace

Workplaces are becoming less static and more dynamic places for employees, and they are increasingly being designed to create more employee interactions. Vibrant and creative workplaces are vital for employee satisfaction and engagement. With the growing need for a seamless transition from work to leisure, more companies are considering this in their workspace design. For example, a design agency in Amsterdam encourage employees to all finish at the same time, and they cannot avoid this as their desks transcend into the ceiling at the end of the day. Not all workplaces can be as wacky as this, but it does make bosses think about their employee’s work/life balance.

Working patterns

With the proliferation of the internet and Wi-Fi, there is an increasing ‘always on’ and constant connectivity mentality for employees. Not only this, but many companies are working collaboratively across borders, meaning some employees may need to flex their working times to work together with colleagues or partners in different time zones. Employers need to accommodate for a shift in work patterns by creating comfortable places for employees to eat, relax and work efficiently.

A place you want to be

Gone are the days of walking into rows and rows of cubicles, work should be somewhere you wish to go, not where you have to go. Given we spend about a third of our lives at work, it needs to be an environment where everyone can do their best work and enjoy it. Green Room conducted an Employee Survey prior to their relocation to new offices at Fort Dunlop to ensure staff involvement. From the findings of the survey, Green Room implemented a new and improved office environment. Following the move, the office environment question scored highly with 90% of employees agreeing that the enriched environment had a positive impact on their happiness at work.

Type of work

Each office and workspace are different, and there are various activities and personalities that work within it. Here at Green Room we understand this and utilise our industry insights to help design an office that will work for you and your employees.


In creating an effective workplace, you need to align your business goals, personalities and functions to create an engaging and energising workplace. Get in touch with Green Room today to see how we can help improve your workplace productivity through effective office design.