So it’s nearly here again, although you might be forgiven for thinking it started weeks ago – the levels of hysteria are palpable.

Here’s the Green Room user guide to making the most of, or at least surviving Black Friday.

1 – Think before you click

In an age of fast fashion and excessive consumption it’s easy to get carried away buying stuff that you don’t need or even really want. Therefore before you even get online or hit the shops consider your shopping list carefully – I mean does anyone really need 75 inches of TV screen in their life?

2 – Take a breath

Shopping can be stressful at the best of times, when Black Friday hysteria hits remember to consider your own welfare. Nothing you are going to buy on the day is as important as your own health – so be sure to do your shopping in bite size chunks and try not to get stressed by fear of missing out on that must have bargain.

3 – Stretch, stretch, stretch!

If you are hitting the high street or the mall then be sure to prepare yourself for the workout. By doing a few simple stretches before and after you head out you can help prevent the aches and pains associated with carrying shopping and extensive mobile use.

4 – Stay hydrated and eat

Science has proven that we are less inclined to make impulse decisions when we are hydrated and not hungry. Therefore ensure you keep a bottle of water to hand and take time out of your shopping mission to eat. Besides being good for you it will also help you to enjoy the day!

5 – Consider the planet

With 2720 litres of water required to manufacture just one T shirt (according to a report published by the Worldwatch Institute) consider the impact your purchase is having on the planet – do you really need it and will it really make your life better? By cutting down on our personal consumption we can begin to make a real difference to the future of our planet.

Follow some of these simple pointers and you should not only survive Black Friday but come out on top!

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