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Carly Wickham, Head of Marketing

We’ve been scouring our data to find out what our website visitors were most interested in last year. The results, as always, are insightful. So, in no particular order, here are our top five 2016 blogs:

Customer experience at retail has been a strong focus for all of our clients in the past year. This blog investigates why it is the right time to invest in retail customer experience, and references a number of other reports that complement this viewpoint.

This blog was an excerpt from our ‘Retail Wake Up Call’ thought piece. The whitepaper looks at the learnings and subsequent improvements e-tailers are making through data-driven marketing. The paper challenges why these learnings are not being applied to retail environments. Feel free to download the paper.


Our stand at this exhibition was extremely well received. The thinking behind the design proved to be a great conversation starter as well. To learn more about ‘soft fascination’, easing ‘mental fatigue’ and ‘effortless attention’ read on…


As retail increasingly moves away from being just a space for transactional purchases, we investigate the way retail spaces are flexing to provide more immersive experiences.


Despite launching a couple of years ago now, this digital concept store is still winning awards for its ability to generate ‘Retail Theatre’. Completing 4 brand takeovers in just over one month is quite an achievement. Find out how they did it.


What trends will dominate retail design in 2017? We’re working on a blog about that right now, watch this space.