Nike CP3 Campaign Activation in Nike Town London by Green Room Design

At Green Room, we work on a range of brand communication and in-store campaigns for our clients; from comms strategy for Tom Tom to eye-catching campaigns for ASICS and Nike, we relish delivering activations for brands that achieve results.

What does Campaign Activation mean?

Brand campaign activation encourages positive participation with a brand through physical, experiential or digital integrations. It is about bringing a brand or product to life, be it in-store, at an event or across multiple touchpoints. Each element can act on their own, or when combined, become a strategic-led campaign that delivers measurable results for the brand, its reputation and ultimately the bottom line.

Asics Meta Run Campaign Activation robotic arm window display by Green Room Design
ASICS MetaRun Window Display

What does campaign activation involve?

Campaign activation can include any or all of the following elements:

  • POS campaigns
  • In-store customer journey
  • Window displays
  • Integrated/cross-channel campaigns
  • Communications strategy
  • Advertising
  • Brand comms

Why is campaign activation crucial to retail brands?

Media channels are increasingly converging, calling for campaigns to be integrated more than ever before. They have to be executed in the most creative ways to convey brand messages and to reinforce brand identity.

Meaningless campaigns can impede on brand reputation, and fail to engage customers in-store to drive sales and awareness.

Retail brands need to think about where the best commercial returns lie and what/how campaign activation can contribute most towards brand equity?

For effective multi-channel marketing, brands and agencies need to interrogate retail data before coming up with the vision and the activation strategy.

The importance of seamless, integrated campaigns over disconnected standalone activities is becoming crucial, making unified design and activation strategies increasingly essential.

How can retail brands benefit from it?

While brand activation campaigns can achieve outstanding results, these campaigns need to be aligned with brand strategy and should stem from brand data-led insights.

To activate a campaign successfully, a mix of elements is required: insight, budget, creative concept, consumer interest, promotional support, sufficient time in market, eye-catching creative and, customer behaviours receptive to campaign activations

The right mix is critical to campaign success. If the creative is not captivating, the concept not aspirational, the campaign not promoted or the promotion not given enough time in the market, the activation campaign may not meet the objectives set.

Nike CP3 Campaign Activation in Nike Town London by Green Room Design
Nike Cp3 in-store campaign activation

Do’s, don’ts and tips

Here are our tips for delivering effective brand and retail campaigns:

  • Activation campaigns need to be part of the overall marketing approach, or marketing mix
  • Testing is an excellent way to sound out a campaign before a national rollout.
  • Consider space, budget, and tactics to maximise your ROI and achieve objectives
  • Hire an expert agency with cross-sector experience
  • Consider the bigger picture – it’s not just about sales, successful campaign activation can generate trial, awareness, brand switching and brand loyalty for both new and existing customers
  • For a fully integrated campaign, we recommend one agency manages all elements of activation, or that agencies work collaboratively for the benefit of the wider brand activity rather than their own interests.
  • An equilibrium needs to be achieved in between the brand’s ambition, and the agency’s vision and strategy to deliver engaging activity that captures consumers’ hearts and minds.

At Green Room, we have 15 years experience delivering creative, eye-catching campaign activations for some of the best-known brands. Contact us today to chat about how we can help your brand stand out and deliver positive ROI.

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