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Lisa Malin, Marketing Manager

Following our recent blog that explored visual merchandising techniques and in homage to April Fool’s Day, we take a look at how retailers and brands can bring humour and fun into retail displays.

Humorous images and in-store displays can be a great way to capture consumer’s attention and inspire them to buy.

Tongue in cheek

Irony and nostalgia is a common theme in retail, especially for luxury brands. Cutting close to the line and being playful can be a dangerous tactic but when it works well it can create a successful and memorable campaigns. For example Chanel’s AW 14/15 show used a vintage supermarket theme to showcase its new range which brought a sense of fun to the launch.


Viral Reach

One factor that makes something go viral is humour and this can transcend into in-store campaigns. The use of light-hearted parodies and tongue-in-cheek humour can create buzz around a brand. It is important for brands and retailers to consider how the tactic fits with their overall brand content – a one-off video won’t work in isolation.

Cheeky window concepts

Simple ways to raise a smile is an eye-catching window display. If it inspires someone to capture it and share with others it can quickly go viral. We saw two great examples of this in December last year – JC Crew Snowmen window display and the Henry Vacuum cleaner nativity display. Both got shared thousands of times on social media.



Brands can use humour to create impact, but it has to be for the right reasons. Millennials respond well to humour as they have been brought up in a content-rich generation. But it is important to remain authentic to your brand values and avoid looking false.