What Women Want

“You read the papers time and time again, and it’s always: here comes another man to save Marks & Sparks. Look at the stats, they say. He’s been at Asda! Give him a clap! What no one is doing is looking at women and what’s important in our lives. That’s what connected shopping is about.” (Mary Portas)


It certainly begs the wider question; are women truly being considered at retail?

Women make up (over) half of the population, interestingly enough, much like men, they are not all the same. Expressing varying personalities, beliefs, priorities and emotions, it therefore probably goes without saying that in various situations and environments, women don’t expect to be treated the same as men.

2018 again has seen an endless stream of high street brands in the news; either forced to close their shutters, or on the brink of being acquired; given this continuing climate of uncertainty, it is now critical that brands and retailers make genuine effort to understand all of their customers, and what they actually want.

So, in the context of building meaningful customer relationships, what do women want?

Well for a start (and without banging any political drums), they want equal opportunity to men. And a genuine consideration of what’s important in their lives; and when you further consider that a huge 67% of all UK household spend is controlled or influenced by women, is it any wonder?

This said, there are still certain sectors that aren’t remotely recognising what they want, or what’s important in their lives.

Men and women are wired differently, there’s no denying it! But beneath this we are all humans with the same basic needs, that sometimes react and perceive things differently and guess what? It’s these subtle differences that make all the difference.

As an example; women tend to think more laterally, and process information based on intuition, emotion and connections; suggesting they seek higher levels of personal engagement. So by considering keen feminine insights like this, how can brands elevate the whole retail experience – for everyone?

Over the coming months, our ‘What Women Want’ research will explore why tuning into the female audience at retail could prove integral to improving your overall brand offering.

Want to understand more? Start by signing up to our live broadcast in association with Campaign on 6th December; ‘What Women Want: unlocking the power of female shoppers’.


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