ASICS - Digital Retail Experience, Brussels

The Brief

ASICS has a great reputation as the go-to shoe within the more serious running community, but they found that their retail experience needed to better deliver and reinforce their promise of a ‘sound mind in a sound body’.

As part of the brand’s redesign of their store concept, we were asked to establish a retail digital experience strategy and bring it to life, delivering a full set of touchpoints in a pilot installation in Brussels.

Establish a retail digital experience strategy

The Insight

Our challenge was to define the ‘digital personality’ of the retail experience; a way of interacting that was tightly bound to the ASICS ethos and the personality of their community. The space should work hard to enable and empower the customer, to put them at ease with their selection, but not to dictate answers to them.

Through emotional journey mapping, we identified the need to remove friction and build customer confidence in the drop out points between stages of the customer journey. First time purchasers needed help crossing the threshold from browsing to selecting, and researchers wanted to pick up their journey at home on their own terms, for example.

Moments of conversation and consultation

The Solution

Our strategy was to inspire the customer and build belief in the brand and the product, but focus on empowering them to make well-informed decisions and purchases on their terms. Staff interaction was woven through the strategy with moments of conversation and consultation.

Campaign stories feature throughout. Inspiring, emotive messages feature in the window and landing zone, while category-level screens call out the performance features of the products.

Footwear Selector

Our footwear selector allows customers to find their perfect running shoe by understanding their own running style and needs. Unlike other selectors, the tool gives the customer control over how they arrive at a ranked shortlist.

They can choose to complete a full running profile, find shoes for a particular need, or simply swipe their way through the range. The customer can choose to receive their results by email to continue their journey at home or tap to see their chosen shoe illuminated on the shoe wall.

Running Theatre

We used local running community data from the ASICS ‘Runkeeper’ app to generate a beautiful animation of Brussels running routes; building in vivid blue out of darkness to reveal a runner’s map. Intriguing and personal, the display draws customers deep into the store and provides a dwell moment and a point of connection with staff.

In the seating area, we allow customers to affirm their decision with the education kiosk. They scan the product barcode to see deeper technical and performance information with video highlights.

Runkeeper Wall

In the high dwell cash desk area, we took the opportunity to display the pulse of the brand and the local community to further build belief and affinity.

Real-time social posts are combined with a striking data-powered animation that compared Belgian runners with the International community. The tempo of the animation is tuned to the slower pace at this stage of the experience where customers are concluding their visit.

Enabling customers to better understand their own needs

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