Belong Gaming Arenas

Launching 500 new Belong Gaming arenas in the US

Gaming behemoth Belong asked us to take their gaming arenas to the next level. Our challenge? Define an elevated concept for an impressive 500 new locations for the brand’s US launch.


The gaming bug has reached new heights. There are now over 2.7 billion gamers across the globe; the opportunity to bring crowds together over shared passions is huge. To grow the brand state-side, we needed to amplify Belong’s brand values in a space that would make each and every gamer that steps into a Belong arena feel like they are part of something much bigger.

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The Result

Dark, dramatic spaces reminiscent of retro arcades, unite players from all over the world. From the sprawling buzz of esports arenas, to the intimacy of pro rooms, every arena is a welcoming, community-fuelled environment that celebrates a shared love of gaming and its culture. An arena blueprint ready for roll-out, that marks Belong’s entrance into the US with a bang.