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The Insight

Our designers set about a comprehensive deep-dive into each brand, immersing themselves in training days, demonstrations and experiencing the brands first-hand at retail. The resulting design spotlights and reflects the personalities of the three different product ranges from the three different brands – and unites them under the ‘Home of Innovation’ proposition.

a state of the art training facility and conference suite

Bringing out the brand personality

The resulting showroom incorporates a self-contained, gallery-style area to reflect each brand’s personality. The Siemens brand embodies excellent technology and outstanding innovations. The design of the showcase cube is futuristic and technology led. We used polished, mirrored screens to present the brand story on the external walls of the cube, which are motion activated to emphasise innovation. The Bosch brand stands for brilliance, freshness and efficiency. We designed the cube to reflect the precision of German engineering and allow the products to gleam in a white, pristine environment. As visitors often return to the centre regularly, the content on the screens and lightboxes are changeable. Neff understands that the kitchen is the heart of every home, and the brand celebrates cooking. The working kitchen in this display area facilitates demonstrations by the in-house chef. The more personal and natural Neff experience is realised by combining more homely textures such as brick, slate and wood.

Digital Integration

Digital integration was essential as the centre must adapt flexibly to retailers needs and the latest innovations. The integrated technology instantly updates and delivers content to any screen throughout the showroom.

A key feature of this technology is the mirrored, motion-activated, story-telling wall presenting the brand characteristics and narrative. Halo lighting throughout is also used to set the mood for brand takeovers.

Flexible spaces

Break out areas and meeting pods were an essential requirement. Visiting delegates are saturated with information, and, therefore, require space to change the pace, dwell and network. The result is a collection of distinctive areas positioned amongst the brand spaces. Incorporated into the centre is a conference facility with flexible capacity and a soundproofed moveable screen, allowing for large-scale presentations to occur alongside demonstrations.

Click here to experience the space in 360°.

We are delighted with our new innovation centre. The final execution brings to life our vision of creating a hands-on environment that empowers retail staff to know, understand and, therefore, sell the BSH home appliance brands more successfully.

Due to the success of the concept, it has been rolled out in Dublin, where we have transformed a former car showroom into a learning space welcoming both retail employees and consumers.

Andrew Jones, Marketing Director, BSH Home Appliances

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