BOSE Phygital Flagship

Phygital Flagship Store Design for BOSE

Bose products have been developed with over 50 years of scientific excellence, but the in-store experience was falling short.

Our challenge was to take a highly respected brand and make it exciting again, to ignite customers’ imagination.

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Inspired by the ethos of company founder Dr. Bose, who said that adults should “Never lose your imagination”.

The Imaginarium was launched, designed to surprise, delight and bring product story to life through digitally-fuelled moments.


Every touchpoint in the store has been designed to create intrigue and encourage greater exploration of Bose products, leveraging technology to engage the senses.

The pinnacle Thunderstorm Sound Experience was designed to bring the nature to life in such a way that would highlight the clarity, depth and spaciousness Bose speakers can create.