The brief

Our challenge was to take a highly respected and authentic brand and make it relevant and exciting again. Bose has a rich heritage of sound engineering, amazing stories of endeavour and scientific application and a compelling narrative featuring inventions, places and characters, all of which to excite and engage, yet none of this translated into a meaningful customer experience.

Somewhat flipping the brief, we focused on the people Bose serve and the lives they live, and set about reigniting Dr. Bose’s passion for invention and belief in the human spirit, to create a new customer experience concept that would be rolled out globally.

The Imaginarium

Dr. Bose said ‘never lose your imagination’. That voice and message still rings true through the business today. Our ‘Imaginarium’ concept focuses on the heritage story of the brand and how it has shaped Bose today; a concept with curation at the heart, that unlocked endless opportunities for the possible.

The Imaginarium was designed to enable customers to engage in immersive moments to develop deeper connections to both the brand and products, whilst considering the ‘what ifs…’ “What if I want great sound, while I’m working out, when I’m chilling outside with my friends, or from my home sound system…”

How do you use storytelling to make technology and its features better understood?

The physical manifestation of the ‘Imaginarium’ was launched at Bose’s flagship store on Regent Street – strategically one of the most important across their retail estate – placing the customer at the heart of the retail experience, empowering engaging and immersive moments that develop deeper connections to both the brand and products.

The experiences are designed to surprise and delight the customers, by leveraging digital technology to create projected experiences that link the senses – visual, audio and kinetic to heighten customer engagement.

Immersive sensory experiences and product discovery

Every touchpoint in the store has been designed to create intrigue and encourage greater exploration of the Bose brand and product range.

An interactive projection table sits prominently at the front of the store and enables visitors to have an experience on their own terms or guided by a staff member, encouraging increased dwell-time and conversation in a more interactive and interesting way.

The ‘thunderstorm’ experience was designed to showcase the Bose Lifestyle 650 Home Entertainment System, demonstrating how each of the component’s features – clarity, depth and spaciousness – work in collaboration. Brought to life by product podiums complete with motion sensors, customers are not only able to hear, but also feel the product quality through this experience, via audio and projected visuals combining to produce the component sounds of a thunderstorm. Each component from rain droplets, to the clap of thunder creates an element of surprise and places the customer at the centre orchestrated through their own physical movement.

Intuitive exploration

Headphones are a key category for Bose and it was important that this product trial area elevated interaction beyond audio immersion. We developed an AR experience, which not only provided additional fun elements to hold the customers attention- on approaching the area, a hidden proximity sensor detects a person’s movements and presents subtle content cues on a mirrored wall encouraging dwell time and engagement- the mirror image of how they actually looked in the headphones also helps to create a strong emotional attachment to the product, something that through research was highlighted as integral to a customer’s final purchase decision.

Exploration through trial

Offering yet a more immersive experience, visitors can visit Bose’s trial booth, located at the back of the store. The booth gives customers the opportunity to experience Bose’s superior noise cancellation technology first hand. On entering the booth – furnished with acoustic baffling to minimize sound travelling to the rest of the store – customers put the headphones on and follow the step-by-step on-screen instructions. By selecting a ‘noisy environment – ranging from farmyard animals to planes taking off – and a music track of their choice, customers are immersed in the power of this life-like, test, ‘heroing’ the product and its ability to block out a cacophony of external interference within the booth.

The Results
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    increase in footfall (in the first 6 weeks of trading)

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    average in store dwell time increase

The 120sq.m. redesigned flagship store at 191 Regent Street opened in July 2018 and is the first physical manifestation of the new customer experience at retail for Bose. The concept has subsequently been rolled out in New York and Dubai.

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