Burberry Immersive

Imagined Landscapes Pop-up

As part of the #BurberryOpenSpaces campaign, and to celebrate the new outerwear collection, we crafted an immersive art installation at the Imagined Landscapes Pop-Up on Jeju Island, South Korea. The pop-up blurs the lines between ‘nature, technology, the indoors, the outdoors, the real and the imagined’.

Working with three digital artists, Maotik, Cao Yuxi and Jiayu Liu, we created a fully immersive temporary, pop-up experience for visitors in this unique greenfield location.


The installation formed part of Burberry’s latest series of pop-ups across the globe, but this was arguably the most ambitious yet. The Imagined Landscape experience is designed for people to not only discover the brand’s heritage in outerwear, but to also embrace the outdoors and explore new spaces and places.

This was a pop-up like no other – a tropical, greenfield site, the first brand experience for Jeju, world-class artists and Weibo integration - not to mention some of Korea’s biggest celebrities booked for launch.

The result

A beautiful collision of nature and technology. A dreamlike, mirrored mecca inspired by the topography of Jeju. Inside the pavilion, our immersive experience transports you to mesmerising, unexplored terrains crafted by three world-class artists. Blended projection, body tracking and soundscapes deliver an interactive 15-minute experience for groups of up to 15 people.

A futuristic portal for escapism and an encapsulation of Burberry’s pioneering spirit of exploration. In the space, a Burberry store awaits, complete with open-air viewing gallery and a Thomas Burberry café. The pop-up is now fully booked for its tenure.